Your most valuable business asset…

…may be the accounting services you receive. Whether your business needs are simple or complex, DWG, Inc., has the resources to serve all of your accounting needs including tax preparation, tax planning, financial accounting, audit, accounting systems, resource management, strategic planning, internal control evaluations, and performance audits. We can assist you in managing your business or non-profit organization by providing an independent evaluation of your organization’s performance in any particular area or as a whole.

Because you are part of the boom…

…that’s completely reshaping the way Americans think about accountability, the increased sophistication and expanding need for information, capital, and systems to manage them is simply staggering.

This is the need we have identified as we have listened to our clients, the need for a “partner”, a professional, to concentrate on the emerging issues of this constantly changing global environment for businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

Most of these issues require resources that most organizations are not equipped to address with current staffing levels. The dilemma faced is to ignore the issues and increase the exposure and liability, or to attempt to address the issues with appropriate personnel and increase the overhead.

There is another choice!

Until now, you would have to choose a small firm to get the personal attention you want and need but not the big business experience and perspective necessary to effectively serve your organization’s needs.

Or you would have to settle for the services of a large accounting firm—one with the expertise your business demands—but at the expense of personal one on one service.

You are the decision maker…

…In an organization probably employing fewer than 20 employees, with annual revenues between $20,000 and $20 million.

Whether your funding is sufficient or insufficient, business is good or bad, the plain truth is it can always be better. In order to increase these, you need to make one key decision now.

You need to decide to choose an accounting firm to help assess your current situation and assist you in planning for your future. An accounting firm that can offer you continuity as you grow because your organization will never be able to outgrow our firm. You need to decide if you want to talk to the principle of the accounting firm or a “manager” assigned to your account.

Choose the plus of business experience…

…At DWG, Inc. you will first find a businessman, then an accountant. A businessman who has learned the importance of listening to clients, identifying their needs and then working hard to assist the client meet those needs. A businessman who know the importance of your time and your money, who is committed to helping you use your assets in the most efficient manner. A businessman who has the experience, knowledge and skills to focus on your accounting, audit, tax and accountability needs, so you can focus on your organization. You will find a businessman who is committed to your organization’s success. If we cannot meet a particular need of your organization, we will work with you to find the specialist you need and make whatever you need happen in a timely manner.

Without being ignored…

…what we know can save you a lot of looking around, because we have been there so we know first hand that organizations like yours sometimes can get “lost: in the larger accounting firms.

Often with larger firms you could see a new auditor each year, talk to a new tax advisor every six months and feel like you are training new CPA’s for the firm. Many times this is correct, because every young accountant, while earning their CPA has to start somewhere.

Is this a fact of life?

We don’t think it should be…


That is why we promise our clients that:

Phone calls will be returned the same day.

Financial statements will be returned within a week of our receipt of your information.

Realistic completion times will be agreed upon for audit work. These deadlines will be met. If issues arise that will alter these deadlines, we will communicate these to your organization in a timely manner.

Tax returns and other compliance forms will be returned before their promise date.

We won’t use a crowbar to make a particular  software fit, we will get your organization what will best meet your needs.

You can never be too big or small…

…From simple monthly write ups including financial statements, bank reconciliation, and appropriate tax work to complete implementation of complex accounting systems. We want to be with you from the bottom up, and part of your future.